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Payment Structure

What is the payment process?

After 10 years of working in the short term rental industry, we noticed that each client prefers to do things a different way. For each client, we customize a payment plan that matches their preferences, and is most efficient for them. Some prefer monthly payments, other prefer per guest payments, we try our best to match these preferences when it comes to getting you paid. 


How much money can Airbusybee make me?

Our default minimum stay is typically 1 night, at which rate we expect to generate the largest revenue figures per month. Each condo/house/unit is unique, and generates different income - give us a call today and we will provide you with a detailed quote!


Can I keep track of how well my unit is performing? 

Yes you can! We provide you with a live dashboard report that details everything you need & want to know about how well your unit is performing. We also provide you with your own account access, to view your unit's performance, whenever you please. Some clients prefer to meet in person to discuss their unit, others prefer a PDF report, we cater the reporting to your needs.


How does Airbusybee handle emergencies? 

We understand that clients want to maintain their unit in top shape, and that it is well taken care of.

  • As precaution, each account has a damage deposit service, that can charge guests up to $1,000 for any damages due to negligent behavior.

  • Second, our team is available 24/7 to respond to messages and concerns. Third, emergencies are a rare thing, but if they do happen, we spare no expense to solve it immediately. We make sure a member of our team is physically present at the unit, to oversee the emergency whilst it being solved. 


How transparent is Airbusybee?

One of the features that we boast about is transparency. Whether you want to be notified regarding cleaning costs or who is the current guest, we are 100% transparent. Simply call, text or shoot us an email with your inquiries and we will get back to you with answers!

Cleaning Costs

Does Airbusybee make money off of cleaning services? 

No we do not. All cleaning expenses are directly billed to the guest, and paid out 100% to our cleaning crew. We will never charge you for cleaning and such, unless it is a dire situation.


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