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...BUT why shouldn't we call out big-business waste!?

Fun Tim Hortons & Coffee Cup Facts

Tim Hortons trashes almost 3 BILLION cups of coffee per year

That's right..Tim Hortons has about 60% coffee market share in Canada, which means they serve 8.4 Billion cups of coffee per year, out of the total 14 Billion cups served.

That's 3 billion cups that CAN'T be recycled by cities 

About 35% of of this 8.4 Billion cups are ordered in disposable cups, every day by you and me, before you go to's easy and it's fast. These cups end up in landfills or in the ocean.

Why?? The plastic liner in most coffee cups is the issue

Most cities don't have the machines to recycle coffee cups, which have a thin plastic liner...and they just can't find anyone to buy the stuff, so they have to trash it!

A little story...

Your local Tim Hortons cafe, that you visit daily, trashes more than half a million coffee cups per year.

That's about 683,000 cups that can't be recylced and end up in the fish you eat, landfills, rivers, or oceans...

That is from just ONE Tim Hortons imagine this number from all 4,300 Tim Hortons cafe's in Canada!

Now add Starbucks, Second Cup, McDonalds, etc to that number and you get the picture.

What Can You Do?


Take A Tumbler To Work With You!

Tumblers are not these ugly huge cups anymore.

Why are we doing this?

You may ask...why does a property management company care about this issue?
We think as imperfect as Airbnb's may be, they do produce much less waste than hotels.
... no little travel-shampoo bottles (they're a huge source of waste), no daily room service.
So why are we calling out this issue?

A Few Things You Can Do, Today

  • Buy a coffee tumbler and stick it in your work bag - if it's a habit you won't think twice about it

  • You don't always need your coffee in a to-go cup

Do you have a question about our Disposable Cup campaign?

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