Airbnb Cleaning: How To Make sure your furnished rental is perfectly clean, every time

Airbnb cleaning is a problem area we hear about from new clients over and over again - they had a very hard time ensuring their furnished rental apartment is ready and 100% clean for their new guest check-in. It's something that is time-consuming to manage, and most people just can't go to their furnished property EVERY time there is a turn-over to make sure there is no dust on top of the fridge - it's just not practical! On top of that, cleaning issues are one of the top, if not THE top, issue that new guests complain about, which can hurt your reviews and reputation.

We have been doing this for a long time - and from our years of experience, we put together a list of tried and tested steps you can take to make sure your furnished property is clean and ready for your new guest EVERY time.



You know your furnished executive suite better than anyone, so you know how it should look and feel before a guest arrives. The stack of books on the coffee table should look a certain way, or the vases should be next to the sofa, not ON the coffee table. You know how the cutlery drawer should be organized. So make a detailed list of all these items for your cleaner, BEFORE you meet your cleaner.

Just walk through the property yourself and make a list on paper or on your phone, so you cover EVERY SINGLE DETAIL with them - give yourself an hour to do this properly. The details are where cleaners can make mistakes, and they are what guests notice and complain about.

2. TraininG

Take the time to go through your furnished rental with your new cleaner, or to re-train your existing cleaner. Take them through every room and detail on your list, like how the fridge should look, how the bed should be made, where to put the laundry, etc. It helps to really train a cleaner in person and that hour you spend upfront will save you lots of time down the line.

Show them where the garbage shoot is in the building, tell them which food items from the last guest can remain, and which should be thrown out. Show them where to leave the supplies, how many rolls of toilet paper you want, and to check every cleaning supply bottle.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Laundry is always an issue - We find most guests do not like it when there is clean linens in the dryer - some of our cleaners have done this to save time. If you want to make sure you get good reviews, spend the extra half an hour and ask your cleaner to time their work better and make sure the dryer is empty. Washing linens is the first thing they should start doing when they walk in, because it takes a long time to dry linens.


We have found that cleaning check-lists can get very long and just too much to expect a cleaner to read through in detail, and follow. So the answer is photos! Take your cleaning list from step one and basically transfer onto the photos you have of your furnished condo. Here is a simple example - it's just speech bubble shapes that point to specific items. It doesn't take long to create a set of 10-15 photos and you only really need to do it once, so well worth the time.


Since you want to reduce or stop having to visit your furnished rental before EVERY check-in, the most important part of checking your cleaner's work has to be done remotely! First make sure your cleaner is tech-savvy enough to take photos (most are these days). Then ask them to send you back a set of photos as they are finishing their job.

Tell them they will not be paid unless they send photos every time BEFORE they are finished and while they are still in your unit. It takes only 5 minutes extra for them to do this. Our cleaners usually use the Wifi in the furnished apartment anyway, so they are not using their data plan to send you the photos.

Be specific about which photos you want them to send you back, or they'll just send back general photos of every room, without showing any details, like a dirty floor, or dusty room corner. Our best cleaners take a quick set of 30-40 photos after a clean, but they are our best cleaners. For the cleaners who may not follow direction well, we make it simple for them and ONLY ask for the problem area photos - like top of fridge, in the bathtub, under the bed etc.

You want to have a quick look at the photos and if you see any issues, let them know quickly to fix it. Yes it does require you to be online while they are cleaning your place, but the alternative is you have to all the way to your property, look around, correct their mistakes, etc etc etc etc - nobody wants to do that!

If you want to avoid future airbnb cleaning problems, this is the best and most efficient way we have found to manage this issue. Cleaners are people and they make mistakes and miss things too. You can't blame them for this. What you have to do is make sure you have a process to check your place before a guest arrives.

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